Our basic skill development workshop primarily focus on personality development programs for achieving the required tasks.We make students consider the feelings of success, and their impact upon motivation.This training provides the tools you need to succeed at interviews and land your dream job or course place.This provide an opportunity for participants to think about their own short, medium and long-term goals. We make students to explore some of the challenges they will face as a candidate applying for a position in real world and how to approach them effectively.

The above mentioned is a 2 days package of Rs.500 per head (minimum of 100 students).



Our advanced skill development workshop primarily focus on personality development programs as well as presentation skill workshop for achieving the required tasks.We also teach them about the main kinds of aptitude tests (Numerical, Verbal, Abstract, Mechanical and Inductive) and how you can beat the odds and land your dream job.Also good presentation skills are essential in various positions.Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill in getting your message across.

The above mentioned is a 4 days package of Rs.1000 per head (minimum of 100 students).



Knowing how to communicate effectively often decides whether a message will be heard and the extent to which that message will influence listeners. Whether someone is persuading colleges, selling to a client, or energizing a team, the power of the presentation makes the difference between the individual and company’s success and failure. That’s why we provide presentation training courses that offer proven methods for ensuring success with each and every presentation.The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. Effective delivery and presence can help get a message across and influence an audience in memorable ways, as well as equipping presenters with a confidence that persists in every aspect of their work.

The above mentioned is a 2 1/2 days package of Rs.1000 per head (minimum of 100 students).



Parliamentary procedure. Sound complicated? Controlling? Boring? Intimidating? Why do we need to know all those rules for conducting a meeting?Group members disrupt the meeting with their own personal agendas. Arguments erupt. A few people make all the decisions and ignore everyone else’s opinions. Everyone leaves the meeting feeling frustrated. Sound familiar?The above training is organized to master the skills on how to chair a Meeting using proper parliamentary procedure and to have more understanding on rules. This training allow new members to know more about their roles in decision making and as a refresher course for members. They teach you correct rules for conducting/ running a meeting .It teaches you to ensure everyone in the body has equal powers, voice, motion makings, and votes on motions.

The above mentioned is a 1 day package of Rs.500 per head.

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