Next-U is an upcoming Learning and Development initiative from a group of Trainers. The promoters have rich experience in Learning and Development for the last many years and have got versatile industry experience which varies from Software, Telecom, IT and Entrepreneurship. Promoters have represented international organizations as its administrative heads and training directors at regional and national levels.
Next-U, as an organization is partnering with leading colleges in Kerala to provide training solutions to students. Getting the job you want is a key career and potentially life-changing time. Having some solid interview techniques and skills can make all the difference between you getting what you want or you being disappointed because once again, the interview didn’t go as well as you wanted it to. Most people have an anxious time before, during and after the interviews: anxiety about how they’ll do; anxiety about how they are doing; anxiety about how they did. We help students to present themselves with ease, so that they have much higher chance of getting the job they want. At Next-U ,we believe in Deliverable Results and always Designs our Training curriculum with a focus on the Psychology of the students and the Demands of the real world.
We don’t try cracking the interview, but “winning” the interview.

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